Falling Behind


Hm, I have a confession to make, for the last five or six months I have made very little effort towards learning Japanese. Hence the quietness of this website. Sure I’ve had rare on/off moments where I’d suddenly rekindle my motivation and study hard for all of a day or two but mostly I’ve been not studying at all.


Moving Out with my Girlfriend

For the past five months and two weeks I have been living with my girlfriend which is something I’ve never done before. In fact, moving out of my parents house was something I’d never done before. In fact, spending more than an month with my girlfriend was something I’d never done before. As some of you may know my girlfriend is Japanese which has both good and bad points. Whilst it’s nice to date someone from such a fascinating country/culture it can be problematic getting to see each other. Anyway we have managed thus far (over three years) but recently we got to experience living together. What a shock to the system! With all the new changes going on, the new lifestyle complete with things call “responsibilities” my Japanese study never became routine again. I’m not using that as an excuse because the truth is I was being very lazy as should have done something about it much sooner. My girlfriend can only stay six months on her holiday visa so come the start of November and she’s off to Japan. It’s a cruel irony that the best time in my life to study Japanese, when I have 24/7 help and a perfect language partner I mess it up!

Enough is Enough!


A few days ago I had one of those “Enough is a enough!” moments. I decided I’m either learning Japanese or I’m not which meant considering quitting learning Japanese if I’m not going to put the needed effort in. Of course that’s not something I’m prepared to do and so I started hitting the books again. It’s quite amazing, after just a little studying the guilt started to life. For the past five or six months that I wasn’t studying I always felt somewhat guilty about it. I knew that I was letting myself down and that really I should do something about it but usually that just made me feel bad and so I used it as an excuse not to learn. A certain word beginning “I” and ending with “diot” comes to mind.

Japan Time!

Santa Domos

So it would seem I’m back in the Japanese studying spirit of things and not a moment to soon as a visit to Japan might be on the cards. It’s been just over a year since I was last (and first) in Japan. That’s just over a year too long by my reckoning! There’s a good chance I’ll be visiting this winter which I’m very much looking forward too even though it would mean leaving friends and family behind at Christmas :( It will be very interesting to experience Christmas and more importantly New Years in Japan and very interesting for you as well. Writing a Japanese blog from England has always bothered me as I can be hard to get my hands on great pictures or perhaps even videos to share with you.

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Chris Kempson is the main author of TastyMiso.com and sole developer of JapanBump.com. A twenty something web programmer and self-proclaimed Japanophile currently residing in Chiba and trying desperately to Japanese!


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  • http://www.ryusworld.com/ Ryudo

    Welcome back Chris :)
    I can totally understand. After I took my JLPT last year I didn’t learn japanese at all.
    I could slap myself in the face for being this lazy and unmotivated but a few days ago I started again from the beginning. And it is really fun to do so. Even though I was lazy for nearly a year I still remember a lot but there are a lot of things I forgot. Easy stuff. But I think this time around I got the motivation I needed to really really learn japanese.
    Congrats on your japanese girlfriend and you sure messed up the best scenario to learn japanese ^^
    But I am glad to hear that you too had your Enough is Enough moment
    Lets work hard together to achieve our goals!

  • Lisa

    You’re right.. I’ve been out of the loop too! But you inspired me to get back! Thanks for that. And I know how it feels! Sometimes you’re just out of the mood, but you’ve got to study anyway! I wonder if you learn better when you’re into it.. hmm..

    (don’t live with your girlfriend – just get married!!)

    Thank you!! ^^

    • Chris

      Great to hear you’re back in the loop! I’m pretty certain you do a better job of studying when your in the mood for it however I also think that any studying is better than none! Hope you keep up with it too :)

      As for the marriage thing, maybe one day :P