Hello from Japan!

Tokyo Bay

I have been secretly living in Chiba, Japan for the last two weeks. Well, what I mean by secret is that I haven’t exactly made any blog posts about it. I did of course tell my family and workplace (it would be rude not to right?). As often is the case life keeps me rather busy and the blog rather quiet but right now I have plenty of free time so let’s have an update!


I arrived in Japan on the 11th of December after having left England on the 10th. My how I’d forgotten what it was like to fly such a distance and how much I disliked it. However,  moment after landing in Japan I was already thinking that the seventeen hours and forty minutes it had taken to get here plus zombified state were worth it.

Kawaii Paradise

Two weeks into my holiday and I’m certain the lengthy journey to get here was worth it. Aside from being able to see my girlfriend again, Japan is just as crazy and as fascinating as I remembered it to be and whist I’m starting to settle down here in Yatsu theres always something interesting just around the next corner!

Local street at night

I’m here for the a month, enough time to see what Christmas and New Years is like in Japan having only visited in the summer before. Last time I visited, Japan was a very different place as thanks to my girlfriend I had a 24/7 tour guide enabling me to see and do so much without even having to speak or read a jot of Japanese.

Tokyo Sky Wheel

This time is different, my girlfriend is a work from 7:40 till 7:40 (including traveling times). So this is my first time in Japan on my own and let me tell you, it can be quite scary! Previously I had been able to save my self the embarrassment of using my poor Japanese but when out and about on your own in Japan it wont be long before your put on the spot light for performance time. This of course is both horrible and great. For those of you learning Japanese this is exactly what you need to be doing, using the Japanese you have learned. Still it doesn’t make it any less awkward.

Tokyo from High

Not even home is safe, milkmen, postal workers, neighbours are all out to get you! So don’t think you can escape it, you will have to interact :)

Christmas "Tree"

Christmas over here is over now and it’s been pretty interesting but that’s another post. Already the Christmas decorations are being taken down or have already been taken down and the New Years decorations are going up. Very much looking forward to seeing what that is like.

Pork Katsu

I have just under two weeks left here but will be returning in the summer. I’ve been having a great time so far and have lots of pictures for blog posts that need writing so stay tuned!

About Chris

Chris Kempson is the main author of TastyMiso.com and sole developer of JapanBump.com. A twenty something web programmer and self-proclaimed Japanophile currently residing in Chiba and trying desperately to Japanese!


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  • http://ogijima.com David

    He, he,
    I know how it’s like to have a 24/7 guide in Japan.
    The funny thing is that, when I’m there, at times I’d like to wander on my own when the opportuniy arises, except that my wife is sure that I just can’t survive more than 5 minutes in Japan without her, which could have been true the first time I went, not anymore. We’ll see next time (except that next time I may know some Japanese, which I didn’t the previous times I went).
    Enjoy your trip and continue updating us, I can’t wait to see your pics and tales of New Year’s .

    • Chris

      Hm my girlfriend isn’t so bothered about me going out by myself, in fact she expects me to do so. For example she wants me to buy groceries and so on when I’m on my own. I’d rather have the type of girlfriend who doesn’t think I can survive more than 5 minutes as I need all the help I can get. I can’t even read the labels of the things I’m buying haha.

      Thanks very much, will continue to make updates! Hope you enjoy them.

  • lisa

    It’s good to have you back posting again! I hope you have a good rest of the vacation!

    • Chris

      Thanks very much, I hope I can find some interesting things for you :)

  • http://yonasu.com yonasu

    I love those awkward moments when your Japanese fails, haha. As a student I know that everytime that happens, I’ve learned something new! It’s a bit hard to get used to, but after a couple of weeks it’s just all fun^^

    I’ll be in Japan for 2 months this summer so who knows? We might bump into each other ;)

    • Chris

      I suppose you get used to it after a while and sometimes it’s nice to be forced into conversation as you might actually surprise yourself and do well.

      Well I’m in Narashino, Chiba so if you’re around that area who knows? :P

  • Kamchan~!

    i wish i were there.. :)) yummmyy~!