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Found a great site for listening to Japanese Radio online. The site is and it seems to be a fairly new site, I think it was started late last year. Wish I’d have known about it earlier when I was in the UK. Haven’t testing if it works outside of Japan yet. I have a feeling it wont as I see it picking up my area as Chiba. Must be some kind of GeoIP service. However, would love someone to try this who is outside of Japan and get back to me.
You can check out their timetable for the radio stations here: If you’re learning Japanese this can be a great way to immerse yourself in the langauge.

Listening to Japanese Radio stations is a great way to immerse yourself in the language – a great aid for language learners. If you’re not learning Japanese this is still a great way to discover more Japanese music!

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Chris Kempson is the main author of and sole developer of A twenty something web programmer and self-proclaimed Japanophile currently residing in Chiba and trying desperately to Japanese!


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  • Ian Barcinal

     it does not work on my country..

    • Chris Kempson

      Oh okay, good to know thanks. Well I’m sure it will work if you try to access it via Proxy, SSH Tunnel or VPN ^^

      • NatsumeRin

        maybe it’ll work via SSH tunnel or VPN, but i never managed to run it through proxy or TOR network (“ExitNodes {jp}” in torrc – works for many sites where proxy doesn’t).

  • Ian Barcinal

     it does not work on my country..

  • Miyuki_valkov

    Nop, it doesnt works, at least not in Mexico TT_TT

  • Ni Jesin

    Doesn’t work beyond the coast of Japan. Have been trying to look for solution to this. Dying to listen to Joe Hisashi’s LIFE is MUSIC :(