Tokyo Sky Tree Character Unveiled

Sorakara & Sky Tree

Meet Sorakara Chan the new mascot for the Tokyo Sky Tree!

Sky Tree Top

The Sky Tree which is still under construction is already the tallest structure in Japan. When completed in 2012 it will be one of the worlds tallest towers.


Not yet Sorakara-chan, it’s still under construction! Despite this Sorakara-chan will be appearing on billboards and various advertising campaigns for the Sky Tree. My phone has emoji for the Tokyo tower but no emoji for the Sky Tree. I need Sorakara-chan’s help!

Sky Tree

This shot was taken a while ago as this two is now sightly taller as you can see in the second picture in this post. As I was walking back from Tsudanuma train station this morning I noticed I could see Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance which is around 20 kilometres away. Not so long ago I was watching a TV program listing various places the Sky Tree could be seen from, one place it mentioned was Mt.Fuji though it has to be a very clear day!

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